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Thursday, August 26, 2010

BMW 7 Series Liquid Hydrogen Hybrid

The BMW Hydrogen 7, as the hydrogen hybrid is called, is a fully operational and ready for production hybrid that runes on liquid nitrogen. Quoting the BMW website this is the first production ready hydrogen vehicle. The whole quote can be read below.

The future is closer than you think.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is the world's first production-ready hydrogen vehicle. It's already proving itself in the real world too: we're putting 100 of them to the test as loan cars for leading figures from the worlds of culture, politics, business and the media, including Oscar-winning film director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and Erich Sixt, chairman of rental car company Sixt AG.
Real-world experience shows that switching to hydrogen can go hand in hand with the comfort, dynamics and safety you'd expect from a BMW.

This is a pretty bold move by the German manufacturer because they are going into uncharted territory, and boldly at that, with their flagship model, the 7 series. What is really impressive is that this car is able to delivery the same kind of luxury expected from BMW and the piece of mind that you are doing your part in not polluting the environment. Now what is different about this specific hybrid is that it uses an internal combustion engine to burn both regular gas and the liquid hydrogen. This might be convenient looking from the manufacturing point of view, but this type of engine, found in most modern cars, is very inefficient and when burning the liquid hydrogen it looses a lot of it. This type of engine would need much more liquid hydrogen to produce the same amount of energy that an engine designed specifically for liquid hydrogen burning would need. So while still not too practical the BMW hybrid is a reality and that is the first step necessary into tackling the problem of what is going to drive the cars of the future.

Now in the above picture you can see one of the people mentioned in the quote taken from the BMW website. This person is Oscar Winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck , he was one of the lucky once to get this baby for free, before its available to the public.

The All New Mercedes E Class

Mercedes has been know through the years as a standard in car building, and they are about to prove this one more time with their all new line up of top end luxury cars. The engineers at Mercedes remodeled the C and S classes first, with a significant gap before the remodeling of the E class , that I guess built up more anticipation for the new form of the car, which is well deserved! In 2009 Mercedes completely scratched off any old designs and went back to the drawing board. They came up with a brand new design inside and out, and going along with the tradition they have for building some of the greatest cars on the face of the planet, they did not disappoint us! The new beast from Mercedes was originally unveiled on the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, but now days you just have to look around a bit and you will be sure to spot one of those, after all there is still people that have good taste and know what car to buy! Due to the cars high anticipation there ware shots of it leaked on the internet prior to its public unveiling, however that did not hurt the popularity of the exhibit at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new W212 body style is a killer and this car keeps getting better the more you look into it! First you see this sexy piece of machinery that just makes your heart skip a beat, then you look inside and you fall in love. Well then when you look at the price you pretty much don't believe it! The W212 E Class, that entered mass production in 2009 is actually cheaper then the W211 model that it was meant to replace! So let me make sure you got this right, the car is newer, sexier, comes with more features standard and is cheaper than its predecessor... Mercedes have gone mad! Somehow they managed to do it thou and it's a fact!

This is also the first year the luxury car manufacturer offers a BlueTEC sedan. In previous years there have been SUVs that offered the BlueTEC system, but no sedans. BlueTEC is a clean diesel system developed by Mercedes Benz. Like you will see in the video below the E350 BlueTEC has everything you would expect from a Mercedes and then some! So if you want to be friendlier towards the enviroment you dont have to sacrafice on the looks or performace of your whip ! Check out the video below for more details on the E350 BlueTEC!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Biggest Rims 2 ! Even Bigger Rims!

This is a second post to follow up on one of my previouse posts called The Biggest Rims. These seem to be even bigger then the once in my previouse post! Tell me what you think, is this a candidate for the biggest rims in the world? Or anyone out there has proof of something bigger? Share your thoughts.

Crazy Driver, Cool Trick

This is one of those do not try this at home videos. Ofcorse you would have to go outside in order to try this so there is no problem. Anyways this is one of my YouTube videos and I am hoping to bring it to a wider audiance by placing it here.

This guys awesome driving skills are what the volunteer is counting on to not get killed. If I was in his place I would not put my life in his hands. But thats me. Enjoy the video, and if you like it and want more like it comment!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Pagani Zonda - The New Italian Super Car

This monster if a car is called Pagani. It was originally developed by the same people that were working for Lamborghini, but they developed their own independent project and celled it Pagandi. This baby uses a 7.2 liter AMG engine from Mercedes, and it goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. As you can see this car not only looks nice, but it preform nice too!

Here is some more eye candy for you:

This is a picture of the Pagani Zonda R

The below picture is that of a Pagani Zonda F:

I labeled the Pagani Zonda as the "New Italian Super Car" because it combines some elements that the "old" Italian Super Cars are missing, and that is unique design. Some people might say that the Pagani looks strange, and it does, but that is the beauty of it! Truth is people get tired of the Lamborghini, and Ferrari design, they want something new, and Pagani brings that in a nice 7.2 liter, AMG, package.

Here is a Top Gear video about this Italian beast!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Keep a track of your car’s consumption!

Want to keep a track of your car’s gas mileage, but you think it might be too much hassle? Well, you might want to take a look at the Track Your Gas Mileage website. With 2 simple steps, it takes care of all the hassle for you.

Now why would you like to keep a track of your gas mileage you say? Well, there are several benefits to knowing your vehicle’s mileage over time. An obvious suggestion would be that you could improve your driving habits and save gas and money at the pump. Aggressive driving alone can lower your gas mileage by anywhere between 5 and 33%. Seeing improvement in your mileage might give you the inspiration to keep driving conservatively and saving dollars.

Another less obvious reason is your car’s health. A clogged filter alone can cause you 10% loss in gas mileage. Other problems like faulty oxygen sensors can increase gas mileage by as much as 40%. Keeping track of your gas mileage you can easy see how much mileage your car used to get, and compare it to how much it’s getting now. This way if your vehicle is losing gas mileage gradually over several weeks or months, you’ll be aware of the problem and you can get it checked.

So how do you calculate mileage? Well, next time you are at the pump, reset your trip meter (or write down your total odometer reading, if you don’t have a trip meter) and fill a full tank. Next time you’re at the pump fill a full tank again, but write down the distance you drove since you last filled the tank before you reset your trip meter again. Then divide the miles you drove by the amount you filled. That’ll give you your miles per gallon (If you’re metric, you’ll want to divide your amount filled by the kilometres driven and multiply by 100 to get Litres per 100Km) for that particular tank.

Sound tricky? Well if you sign up with Track Your Gas Mileage, all you have to do is write down the trip meter readings on your gas receipts at the pump, and bring them home. Plug the data into your account, and all the calculations are done automatically. It keeps a history log for you, with all your fill ups, average mileage over time, and handy graphs to show you development over time. And best of all, it’s totally free!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get Paid To Drive Your Car

There are lots of websites on the internet that offer all kinds of get "paid to" programs and one of them is to get paid to drive your car.

Is this for real?

Most of the websites on the internet that offer the get paid to drive your car offer are scams, although there are some websites that are legit, most of them are phony. To actually get paid to drive your car you will need to know someone locally or actually talk to the person. I am not saying that it will be impossible to do it over the internet, but you are risking more, since these programs ask for personal information, I rather do it in person.

What is it?

It is quite simple, advertiser use cars to put vinyls on them for more unique advertising. The vinyls do not damage the paint of the car and can easily be removed, so that leaves no commitment, unless you sign a contract. Some of the advertiser even give you their own car, and you don't even have to have a car, but that depends on the advertiser. Some of them don't pay money, but pay for your gas based on your gas receipts, which is really good, because you basically drive your car for free!

What does it look like?

This is an example of a car with vinyls that advertise a website. In this case you would have a little trouble removing the vinyls, but it is doable, and it won't ruin your car's paint.

If the idea sounds tempting to you check it out, and most importantly do your research ahead of time!