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Monday, March 29, 2010

Biggest Rims 2 ! Even Bigger Rims!

This is a second post to follow up on one of my previouse posts called The Biggest Rims. These seem to be even bigger then the once in my previouse post! Tell me what you think, is this a candidate for the biggest rims in the world? Or anyone out there has proof of something bigger? Share your thoughts.

Crazy Driver, Cool Trick

This is one of those do not try this at home videos. Ofcorse you would have to go outside in order to try this so there is no problem. Anyways this is one of my YouTube videos and I am hoping to bring it to a wider audiance by placing it here.

This guys awesome driving skills are what the volunteer is counting on to not get killed. If I was in his place I would not put my life in his hands. But thats me. Enjoy the video, and if you like it and want more like it comment!