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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get Paid To Drive Your Car

There are lots of websites on the internet that offer all kinds of get "paid to" programs and one of them is to get paid to drive your car.

Is this for real?

Most of the websites on the internet that offer the get paid to drive your car offer are scams, although there are some websites that are legit, most of them are phony. To actually get paid to drive your car you will need to know someone locally or actually talk to the person. I am not saying that it will be impossible to do it over the internet, but you are risking more, since these programs ask for personal information, I rather do it in person.

What is it?

It is quite simple, advertiser use cars to put vinyls on them for more unique advertising. The vinyls do not damage the paint of the car and can easily be removed, so that leaves no commitment, unless you sign a contract. Some of the advertiser even give you their own car, and you don't even have to have a car, but that depends on the advertiser. Some of them don't pay money, but pay for your gas based on your gas receipts, which is really good, because you basically drive your car for free!

What does it look like?

This is an example of a car with vinyls that advertise a website. In this case you would have a little trouble removing the vinyls, but it is doable, and it won't ruin your car's paint.

If the idea sounds tempting to you check it out, and most importantly do your research ahead of time!


Luciano Bove said...

Ciao! I like your Blog..bravo.

I voted for you!

Anonymous said...

cool blog, cool subjects and wonderfull cars...:P

Desking tool said...

Great for advertisement. Until up today, this method is still used. So are the scams. I agree, we have to know someone first in agreeing to the terms of this advertisement.