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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The All New Mercedes E Class

Mercedes has been know through the years as a standard in car building, and they are about to prove this one more time with their all new line up of top end luxury cars. The engineers at Mercedes remodeled the C and S classes first, with a significant gap before the remodeling of the E class , that I guess built up more anticipation for the new form of the car, which is well deserved! In 2009 Mercedes completely scratched off any old designs and went back to the drawing board. They came up with a brand new design inside and out, and going along with the tradition they have for building some of the greatest cars on the face of the planet, they did not disappoint us! The new beast from Mercedes was originally unveiled on the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, but now days you just have to look around a bit and you will be sure to spot one of those, after all there is still people that have good taste and know what car to buy! Due to the cars high anticipation there ware shots of it leaked on the internet prior to its public unveiling, however that did not hurt the popularity of the exhibit at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new W212 body style is a killer and this car keeps getting better the more you look into it! First you see this sexy piece of machinery that just makes your heart skip a beat, then you look inside and you fall in love. Well then when you look at the price you pretty much don't believe it! The W212 E Class, that entered mass production in 2009 is actually cheaper then the W211 model that it was meant to replace! So let me make sure you got this right, the car is newer, sexier, comes with more features standard and is cheaper than its predecessor... Mercedes have gone mad! Somehow they managed to do it thou and it's a fact!

This is also the first year the luxury car manufacturer offers a BlueTEC sedan. In previous years there have been SUVs that offered the BlueTEC system, but no sedans. BlueTEC is a clean diesel system developed by Mercedes Benz. Like you will see in the video below the E350 BlueTEC has everything you would expect from a Mercedes and then some! So if you want to be friendlier towards the enviroment you dont have to sacrafice on the looks or performace of your whip ! Check out the video below for more details on the E350 BlueTEC!

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