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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Concept cars in the Geneva auto show

There are a lot of new concept cars in this year's 77th International Motor Show in Geneva. The car you see to the left is a Mazda Hakaze. It is a new concept car by Mazda that looks like it can go in mass production. I think that the designers at Mazda did a very good job with this concept, because not only is it stylish, but it also looks very useful and versatile. Mazda manged to combine some very stylish looks, that are highlighted by the Lamborghini style doors, with some very familiar to us features like the third row seats that fall forward to make more room.
This car, with its rugged yet stylish design, will be
one of the cars that we will see a lot from in the near future, at least that is what I think. If Mazda puts a reasonable price tag on this SUV I am sure that a lot of people will consider buying it, I know I will...

Now lets take a look at the competition. This is a Assystem City Car. You can decide for yourself, but I think this is one of the worst looking cars of the century. I mean sure it has Lambo styled doors, but that's not what makes a care great. This car looks like an unfinished mini van, and I am not saying that in a bad way. If you want to make a concept car, the car needs to look fast even when its not moving, your car needs to look futuristic and mysterious. Also just for the fun of it, it should have a lot of useless gadgets, I mean after all it is a car of the future, and sadly this car has none of that. Now you might see my point of view better, but I don't know who would like this car anyway.

Now lets move on to a car that is the absolute definition of a "concept car". This is the new concept from Peugeot. This car has the futuristic look that I was talking about, it also has the look of a really fast car, and that is what a concept car should be. Concept cars should not be all about being useful and serving a purpose. They should be about looking cool, and unique and this car not only achieves that purpose, but I can easily say that it surpasses it by much.

Here is another great view of the Peugeot.

Here are some pictures of the other concepts from the show.

I think I am in love...


Cool a flying car!

The first flying car is the first convertible flying car, how cool is that !?

Well these are some of the coolest rides that you will probably never see on the streets, or at least not for a long time, but hey its a little window that lets us see into the future and its cars the coolest thing ever!

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