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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Highlights From The Geneva Auto Show

Yup the 2007 Geneva Auto Show is here, and all the buzz is on. I bet you are all wondering which car get all the attention. Well wonder no more just look below.

This is the new concept car from BWM. It is the 2008 M3. This is something unusual for BWM because they didn't expect to get that much attention at this year's auto show. So this years Geneva Auto Show has some competition. The race now is between the Lexus IS-F and the BMW M3. Check out the Lexus IS-F below.

In my opinion there is no comparison. When it comes to German cars you can't have competition. The M3 is one of the most reliable cars and also it happens to be one of the best sports cars. How many other cars combine these two things together. The M3 is a car that you can see a rich suburban mom drive and at the same time a spoiled teenager that wants to be a racer. I don't think that any other car can have such broad audience. That is all I can say, and if you think something different let me know in the form of a comment!

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