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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Audi R8 - Audi's Sports Car

Great curves

This brand new car from Audio totally changes the way people see Audi, and totally change Audi's image. This new car goes against everything that Audi has ever made, and this was exactly what they were going for. Audi is currently trying to increase its sails in the U. S. because the car doesn't have a good image here. Audi engineers hope that the new sporty look of the car will help Audi's marked in America.

The Audi R8 isn't just innovative on the outside, but on the inside as well. The dashboard includes all the gadgets that you would expect from the S class of Mercedes, or the new Lamborghinis, but now Audi has it too. All these new innovations would probably explain the mind blowing price tag of $112,000 which very few people can afford.

I would say that this car is worth every dollar that they ask for because, first of all it is a German car and everybody knows what that means, and second of all it has a 420 hp , V-8 engine that will blow your mind, making The R8 a real sports car by any standard!

Source: [CNN]

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