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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Civic 'Cossie' - Better then the Type-R

Honda Civic Type R

When the Honda Civic Type-R came out it was the hottest and sportiest Honda out there. Now the news for the competition got even worst. The engineers from Japan have came up with a new Honda to compete with the Ford Escort Cosworth. As you can see from the picture above, as far as looks go, the Honda Type-R-R or also known as 'Cossie' , has beat the Ford by a lot!

When the new Honda Type-R-R was being created the engineers took the basic Type-R and made some serious modifications to it so that it can not only look more sporty, but actually perform like some of the top sports cars. To achieve that Honda reduced the weight of the car to a minimum. They did that by removing anything from the car that is not absolutely necessary, and there were quite a few things that were removed. The major thing that has been removed from the original Type-R to form the new Type-R-R is the car stereo, and also the sound deadening. To some people these things are very important, but I personally would trade a stereo for some extra torque or a few extra miles added to the top speed. Honda also added new sports seats so that the car is more comfortable for the driver, and so that he can see and maneuver better. The suspension of the car has also been lowered to give the car a even sportier look and better grip of the road.

The most fascinating thing about the new Honda is its engine. The engine of the Type-R-R is supposed to be a secret, but the Honda engineers couldn't keep something so awesome to themselves so they shared the news. The new engine in the car is a 2.0 liter i-VTEC , and for Honda this is something new, because there engines are usually smaller. What is more unusual then this sit that the engine has 250bhp, which is amazing for any car, let alone for a car that has such great weight reduction! In order to get the most of the engines power the new Honda comes standardly equipped with a ECU to help fuel distribution at the different RPMs and to there for help fuel economy.

The new Honda also has a brand new gear system, which allows a 80 millisecond gear change, which means that if this car needs to go fast it can do it very quickly, just by simply flooring the gas and going trough the gears really fast!

The Honda Type-R-R is the best sports Honda so far, because it took all the good things from the originally good Type-R, and replaced all the flaws that it had to make what some will call a masterpiece!

Source: [Auto Express]

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